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Product Videos: 5 Advantages For eCommerce Brands

September 15, 2020
2 Min Read
Product Videos: 5 Advantages For eCommerce Brands

Would you rather watch a 20-second video clip or read a one page summary? In today's world of information overload, video has become a main source for absorbing information.

With this information readily available at our fingertips, consumers' attention spans and patience levels tend to decrease when it comes to consuming or waiting to consume content.

Product Videos: 5 Advantages

Drive product page conversion and increase consumer trust by displaying videos on your product pages and sharing them on social media. This easily digestible content keeps your consumers interested and engaged − one of the many advantages to leveraging product videos.

Here are 5 ways eCommerce businesses can benefit from using product videos:

  1. Get your message across quicker
  2. Emphasize product features and details
  3. Build consumer trust and brand credibility
  4. Provide information and value
  5. Share across multiple platforms

Get Your Message Across Quicker

Visual content is essential in this modern marketing world as it provides a medium that gets your message across quicker. Video provides a visual of your product and appeals to your audience's different senses, which translates into a stronger perceived value.

Though eCommerce product photography is effective on its own, online shoppers are able to make a purchasing decision faster by watching your product videos (rather than having to scroll through all of your product images.)

Emphasize Product Features & Details

eCommerce businesses that sell strictly online miss out on the opportunity to provide their customers with physical inventory to touch before making a purchase. 

To help customers get a feel for an item they're interested in, use product videos to emphasize the features and details that a photo might've missed. Or, highlight any key components that differentiates your product from the competition.

For example, if a product has a small zipper or button that is hard to see in a photo, or if you want to show the product in use, use videos so that your customers see everything before purchasing.

Build Consumer Trust & Brand Credibility

Build consumer trust by creating product videos that highlight or demonstrate all aspects of your product. It'll instill trust in your brand and show that your store is credible.

Using only low-quality product photos may make some shoppers wonder whether your products are legit or if your online store is scam. Avoid these suspicions by including videos on your product pages, so shoppers feel secure in their purchase decision prior to checkout.

Provide Information & Value

Provide necessary information and show shoppers why your items are valuable in your product videos. Try comparing your products to one another and analyzing all features to help shoppers see how they'll benefit from using it.

Comparing products is a great cross-selling strategy since it introduces visitors to various other products in different price ranges. Plus, it helps them decide which item best suits their needs. If that happens to be more than one product, then congratulations − you've just increased average order value.

Share Across Multiple Platforms

Increase reach, find new audiences and generate more sales by encouraging shoppers to share your product videos on various social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Don't forget to share your own product videos on social media when necessary! If you're running a giveaway or a holiday promotion, sharing your video is a great way to generate interest and increase visibility.


When it comes to incorporating product videos into your eCommerce marketing strategy, an important rule of thumb is to create content with a purpose. Do not create content just for the sake of creating content.

To help you create content with a purpose, we encourage you to understand all of your buyer personas so that you can better cater to your different customer segments. Sending content at the right time during the buyer's journey is key to driving online sales.

Do you need help with your eCommerce website development or marketing? Contact us below with any questions or concerns, and a member of our team will be in touch!

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