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A New Reality: Transitioning Your Business To eCommerce

May 12, 2020
2 Min Read
A New Reality: Transitioning Your Business To eCommerce

This new reality has sprung upon us many changes to our everyday lives. Businesses are losing significant revenue during this shut down, and some brick-and-mortar stores don't know who to turn to for help.

If you're wondering how COVID-19 is impacting eCommerce, we're sharing an eCommerce success story on how we helped one of our clients navigate and adapt her business to this new and uncertain environment.

From Brick-and-Mortar To eCommerce: Sara Campbell

Based in Boston, Sara Campbell is a fashion designer with popular apparel stores throughout the U.S. Unfortunately, the retail store was forced to close all locations amid COVID-19 concerns.

Since they didn't have an eCommerce store, they recognized that they needed to make a quick decision on how to go about transitioning their brick-and-mortar store to solely online.

The Original Plan

Prior to COVID-19, the Sara Campbell team was averse to eCommerce, particularly selling all of their inventory online. After partnering with our team here at Groove, they decided to go forward with making the move to an eCommerce website.

Their primary strategy was to build a complete eCommerce website but showcase a limited number of products in an effort to encourage customers to continue attending the physical store.

So, our team tackled the project of designing and building the Sara Campbell website with minimal product offerings. That's when unforeseen circumstances arose.

The Problem

All of the retail company's locations were forced to close, and the website we were building suddenly needed to be accelerated to meet the needs of not only Sara Campbell but also of their customers.

Understandably, the Sara Campbell team began to go into panic mode when these out-of-our-control circumstances occurred — that's where Groove stepped in.

Both Groove and Sara Campbell decided to pause the existing project (the complete eCommerce website) and, instead, pivot to a pop-up online shop.

The Solution

To help expedite the process of building Sara Campbell an eCommerce website, we reached out to let them know we were there to collaborate and transform their site into an intuitive shopping experience.

In just 10 days, Groove launched Sara Campbell's pop-up shop using the BigCommerce platform. Congruent with their original strategy, we started out with displaying a small quantity of products on the site.

The Results

They quickly realized their products were selling rapidly, and they needed to offer more online inventory to keep up with the demands of their customers.

That's when they set forth to add more products on the site. With the help of Springboard Retail, Sara Campbell added more inventory to the site and fulfilled more orders.

"The Groove and BigCommerce partnership has been amazing and has kept us afloat - we've already surpassed our two-month sales goals. It was the saving grace we needed."

- Sara Campbell

In addition to helping the company move forward in the right direction during these uncertain times, this pop-up is telling of the success they will have with online shopping in the future.

Now, Sara Campbell is fully invested in leveraging eCommerce for their company. Both the Groove and Sara Campbell team are now getting ready for a full website launch!


We're thankful for Sara Campbell trusting in our team to build and launch their fashion eCommerce website under these challenging circumstances and are so excited to see them exceed their goals!

When your business depends on online revenue, like in Sara Campbell's case, you need an integrated strategy that can keep up. With 13 years of eCommerce agency experience, our team partners with you to transform website visitors into repeat customers.

If you need help creating an exciting and intuitive shopping experience or would like to learn more about how we can help to jumpstart website traffic, generate leads and increase revenue, contact us through the form below. One of our eCommerce experts will be in touch!

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