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The Best Shopify CRM? Our Favorite Apps and Integrations

February 20, 2024
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The Best Shopify CRM? Our Favorite Apps and Integrations

On its own, Shopify is one of the most robust eCommerce platforms. However, to effectively scale an e-Commerce business, it's important to integrate a customer relationship management (CRM) tool into your Shopify store.

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20 Best Shopify Apps For Your eCommerce Store

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A Shopify CRM assists business owners with sales, marketing, and customer service, freeing up time for you to put your focus into core business activities and product development. The best Shopify CRMs can help you:

  • Convert leads into customers
  • Increase brand and product awareness
  • Address the after-sales concerns of your customers

Additionally, finding the best Shopify CRM is particularly useful for companies who leverage business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce. For example, a Shopify CRM can help B2B businesses with segmentation and enhanced customer profiling. With detailed information about individual customers, a business can better understand the unique needs and purchasing patterns of its customer base. This is especially crucial because B2B sales often involve complex and multi-step processes.

Below, we offer a detailed overview of the best Shopify CRM tools, comparing features, pricing, user experience, and more.

HubSpot: The Best Shopify CRM

Price: Limited free plan, paid plans starting at $18 per month

HubSpot is one of the most popular CRMs for Shopify because users can create customized workflows based on how customers interact with your Shopify store. The sales automation, seamless Shopify integration, customer service capabilities, and other robust marketing tools arguably make HubSpot a leading contender for the best Shopify CRM.

Shopify CRM HubSpot

Key features:

  • Seamless Shopify integration
  • Auto-synching products, customers, and sales
  • Re-engagement of abandoned cart
  • Marketing and sales campaigns
  • Pipeline dashboard for gathering opportunities and insights
  • Detailed reporting
  • One-stop management of all marketing and sales activity
  • Easy-to-use interface

HubSpot offers email support, in-app chat support, and self-help resources. Users get unlimited access to HubSpot's impressive set of resources, including HubSpot Academy and community forums.

The downside is that HubSpot may be cost-prohibitive for some small businesses on a tight budget. For those with the budget looking for a long-term Shopify CRM solution, HubSpot is likely your answer.

Klaviyo Shopify Integration

Price: Limited free plan, paid plans starting at $20 per month

With its Shopify CRM functionality, Klaviyo gives business owners a comprehensive understanding of the preferences and behaviors of its customer base. Klaviyo’s CRM allows you to see a customer’s email engagement, purchase history, and website activity all in one easy-to-navigate dashboard. Klaviyo users automatically get a database that updates with customer behavior in real time. 

Shopify CRM Klaviyo

Key features:

  • Shopify app for seamless integration
  • Easy and straightforward sign-up
  • Intuitive, easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Dashboard that allows users to monitor a campaign’s performance
  • Critical metrics such as click-through rate, open rate, and bounce rate
  • Customizable forms

Additionally, Klaviyo has a Salesforce integration, which gives businesses even more powerful tools and reporting. To integrate with Salesforce, businesses need to opt for the Performance Edition offered by Salesforce. 

Klaviyo provides live chat and direct email support. The wait times can be long, and the platform doesn’t offer phone support. In all, Klaviyo works as a great Shopify CRM for brands that don't require the advanced features of a dedicated CRM like HubSpot or Salesforce.

Zendesk Shopify Integration

Price: Free trial, paid plans starting at $19 per user/month

Zendesk is a cloud-based Shopify CRM that helps businesses track their customer contacts. With Zendesk, business owners can manage sales, customer service, and online customer interaction from one location.

Shopify CRM Zendesk

Key features:

  • Shopify app for seamless integration
  • Communication managed in one centralized location
  • Can handle all aspects of Shopify customer service, from engagement to sales

With Zendesk Sell, you get a comprehensive help center, phone and email support, and additional support for premier customers.

Salesforce Shopify Integration

Price: Starting from $19 per user/month

As one of the most proactive and intelligent Shopify CRMs, Salesforce offers a few different options for integration with Shopify stores. Using an app or the Salesforce interface, Salesforce offers functionality and integration with other tools, such as Zendesk.

Salesforce Shopify CRM

Key features:

  • Integration with the Shopify app or via the Salesforce system
  • Easy creation and updating of objects
  • Centralized customer information, including contact details, communication channels, and behaviors
  • Robust reporting tools
  • 1,000+ integrations with other tools

Salesforce has an online learning portal and paid phone support. If you need customizations or help with additional functionality, the pricing increases significantly.

Looking for More Information on Shopify Apps?

There are thousands of Shopify Apps, and not all of them are worth using. Check out our team’s related blogs for more information.

Conclusion: Finding the Best Shopify CRM

To find the best Shopify CRM to meet your business needs, we recommend taking advantage of free trials or using the free plans available from some tools. This will give you a chance to explore the features before committing to a tool long-term. For help finding the best CRM for your Shopify store, reach out to Groove to learn more. 

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20 Best Shopify Apps For Your eCommerce Store

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