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3 Marketing Leadership Tips To Improve Company Culture

July 14, 2020
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3 Marketing Leadership Tips To Improve Company Culture

If an interviewee asked you about your company's culture or what it's like to work here day in and day out, what would you say? Your response may reveal a lot about the leadership roles within your organization.

In order to improve company culture, leaders must focus on becoming better for the future. So, we're sharing these 3 marketing leadership tips to help increase productivity, drive employee determination and guide your business's overall marketing strategy.

3 Marketing Leadership Tips

1. Be Data-Driven

Successful marketing leadership begins with data-driven company leaders who encourage outcome-oriented strategies. The simplest way to become a data-driven company is to establish SMART goals within your organization.

SMART goals provide a benchmark to evaluate future performance and are a key to great eCommerce planning. They help to define appropriate goals for teams and measure the success of marketing initiatives.

Memorable leaders celebrate positive results. Whether you hit a record number of webinar registrants or a piece of content is shared by a well-known industry expert, share the positive news with your team to excite them for future marketing initiatives. Be sure to give credit where it's due by thanking the employees who invested time and effort into driving those results.

2. Eliminate The Hierarchical Corporate Culture

Reversing the hierarchical work structure is critical to employee satisfaction and innate motivation to complete tasks. Though some roles may be higher on the totem pole, constructive leaders emphasize the importance of each individual within the company and understand that the organization is unable to function without each role.

Avoid acting like your leadership position holds higher value than your colleagues' roles. Instead, treat everyone as a necessity, celebrate successes and respectfully acknowledge areas for improvement.

Develop core values that emphasize collaboration between teams and individuals to remove the hierarchical structure and improve company culture. At the end of the day, most businesses will fail without teams of people that acquire unique skills and share the common goal of making the business a success.

3. Provide Strategic Direction

Marketing leadership positions involve making important decisions for the company. As a leader, you determine the direction of your business. Think strategically when planning long-term initiatives to envision how campaigns and inbound marketing efforts can grow the business.

Understanding the implications of ideas and having the ability to visualize possible ramifications from certain promotions, events etc. is a critical skill leaders must possess. Remember, you want your business to come off as a thought-leader, so consider those SMART goals you developed and provide internal direction with outcome-oriented strategies to drive the results you want to see.


Successful companies with determined, hard-working employees begin with effective leaders. By implementing these 3 marketing leadership tips, we hope you see an improvement in company culture and increase in employee satisfaction.

At Groove Commerce, we obsess over insights and uncover the right strategies to help your business grow. We drive conversions, create beautiful website and user experiences and work tirelessly to make your goals a reality.

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