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Christmas Email Marketing Tips To Maximize Revenue

November 06, 2012
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Successfully executing holiday email campaigns can make or break an eCommerce company’s revenue stream this time of year. It is important not only to reach your customer’s inbox, but even more important to deliver creative, relevant and timely emails. If you find yourself asking, “What are my customers looking for in my emails?” then start here for help building your perfect email message.

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The most important aspect to maximizing your holiday emails is to start with a strong and compelling subject line that will make people want to open your email. There are multiple aspects to take into consideration when developing your subject line, including its length, key words, messaging and so much more. When thinking about your subject line, think back to other emails and what qualities those subject lines had that made you want to open them. If you wouldn’t open it, don’t expect others to, either!

Your subject line, as well as your content, should have strong calls to action. Tease your message in the email subject. For example, if you are sending a holiday email with a special offer and a reminder to place a your order, then your subject line might be: “Last Chance for Holiday Delivery: Save 10% Before 12/10!” It conveys immediacy, the consequence of inaction and an “act before” date.

All emails should incorporate images, but in order to justify having them in your email, they should parallel your email’s call to action or main message. If your email’s main message is about a sale on a specific product, make sure to include a high-quality product photo alongside the text. Images reinforce the emotion or message, helping drive customers into your sales funnel.

Ensure you are using optimized alternate text for your images so people will be enticed to enable images in your future emails. For example, a food retailer sending out an email about food products should tease their mouthwatering images by using fun alternate text. For example, “Warm vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting”.

Don’t forget to add text to your emails! This will minimize your chances of being labeled spam, as opposed to a completely image-based message. Because people have different email programs and browsers it would be impossible to get your image-based email to render the same for everyone, and many spam scoring programs look at the image to text ratio as one measure of a spam score.

Ensure you are maximizing your holiday revenue through emails by making sure your email is providing ways for your customers to navigate back to your website and your social media sites. When you’re linking text or images in your email remember to consider what URL’s you are taking your customers to. You want to fulfill their expectations in where you lead them back to your site. For example, if your email contains an image of a package of tennis balls, send your customer directly to that product page (or to a category page of all tennis ball choices) so you can send them as far into your sales funnel as possible.

Keep checking over time how your emails are performing. Through analyzing your email results, you can learn so much about how your customers interact with your emails, what products they are most interested in, what time of day they are more likely to interact with your email and so much more.

Lastly, make sure you keep a clean email database. Don’t import contacts just because you found their email address somewhere. Poorly scrubbed lists will result in increased bounce and unsubscribe rates and lowered conversions, which can affect your future deliverability for all recipients.

Have fun with your holiday emails and don’t forget to provide your customers with useful and easy shopping experiences. The more creative you are with your emails the more likely your customers will engage with your email and the more likely your conversion rates will rise.

To learn more on holiday strategies watch our free webinar – Christmas in August: A Step by Step Guide to Maximizing Your Holiday Profits. Make sure you’re prepared this season!

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