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PPC Landing Page Best Practices. Keep your PPC Landing Pages simple and focused with a clear call to action...Learn more about PPC Landing Pages from the pros!

If you keep up with our blog, you’ll know we normally post about Magento Design, Magento Development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips. That’s why I always like to mix it up and include a blog post about Pay Per Click (PPC). This blog post will focus on 10 PPC landing page best practices that can be utilized for both eCommerce and lead generation.

10 PPC Landing Page Best Practices

1. Avoid Driving Traffic to Your Homepage

Your homepage may be great but it will not perform as well as a highly focused landing page with a clear call to action. It also creates multiple conversion funnel paths, making it difficult to properly analyze performance.

2. Maintain Scent (Sniff! Sniff!)

Headlines, themes, images, calls to action, etc. should all be consistent as the user makes their way from your ad to your landing page.

3. Cater to Your User

You should be leveraging everything you know about visitors. For example, if you are targeting users in a certain state, use that information on your landing page. Incorporate the state name in the headlines and copy. Feature images of the state flag or a local city’s skyline as well.

4. Limit the Links

The goal of a landing page is to convert! That being said, include everything a user needs to convert on your landing page and avoid driving them elsewhere at all costs. Do not include your site’s top or side navigation on your PPC landing page.

5. Awesome Headlines

Make sure your headlines are awesome because you only have a split second to catch a users attention before they click the “back” button.

6. Brief and Compelling Copy

Generally people don’t read all of the content on a webpage, they scan it. Using bullet points is a great way to get your message across clearly and concisely.

7. Clear Call to Action

All PPC ads and banners should include a clear call to action. The call to action on the landing page should be the same and prominently displayed above the fold. The button associated with your call to action should stand out.

8. Include Assurances

Include elements that will build trust and confidence with users. Client testimonials, product reviews, security certifications and guarantee seals are all great assurances.

9. Fewer Form Fields

The number of fields in a lead form and the conversion rate are inversely related, as the number of fields in a lead form go up the conversion rate goes down. Try and limit the number of fields to only the information you absolutely need.

10. A/B Testing!

A/B testing is the process of continually experimenting with on-page factors to increase your landing page’s performance. Pick an element to test instead of trying to test everything at once. Some common places to start testing are headlines, images, calls to action or button colors.

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