The Best Product & Lifestyle Photography AI Tools for eCommerce Stores

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he rapidly evolving world of AI in eCommerce means that artificial intelligence tools have become indispensable for businesses seeking to optimize their operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.

Let's explore a range of AI-powered tools that can be used by eCommerce merchants today. From product photography and social media to video content, copywriting, email marketing, search engine optimization, and customer support, these tools offer innovative solutions to streamline processes and deliver exceptional results.

Product & Lifestyle Photography AI Tools for eCommerce Merchants

In the dynamic world of digital content creation, the art of capturing captivating product and lifestyle imagery has become more crucial than ever. With the ever-increasing demands of consumers and the relentless competition for attention, businesses and individuals alike are seeking innovative ways to elevate their visual storytelling. In this chapter, we delve into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) tools specifically designed to revolutionize product and lifestyle photography, offering an invaluable array of capabilities that empower creators to unlock their
creative potential.

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Gone are the days when photography was solely dependent on the dexterity of human hands and the keen eye of a skilled photographer. Today, AI-driven technologies have emerged as powerful allies, complementing and augmenting human ingenuity with their unrivaled computational prowess. These cutting-edge tools not only streamline the photography process but also enhance the final output, imbuing images with a remarkable blend of precision, realism, and artistic flair.

Within the pages that follow, we present a curated selection of four remarkable AI tools that have made a significant impact in the realm of product and lifestyle photography. Each tool brings its own unique set of features, ranging from automated image editing and retouching to advanced scene generation and seamless object extraction.

Adobe Photoshop - Full-Fledged Photo Editor ($20.99/mo or $239.88/yr)

Adobe Photoshop AI eCOmmerce Tools Neural Filter Generative Fill

Adobe Photoshop's AI-powered tools go beyond basic image editing, they also offer advanced capabilities such as generative filling and neural filters. The 'Generative Fill' tool, an example of generative fill, uses AI to understand the context of your image and helps you remove unwanted objects or fill in gaps in an intelligent way. This tool works by analyzing the surrounding areas of the selection and then synthesizes a new, visually consistent patch to replace the selected area. It's especially useful when you need to remove distracting elements in your photo, or when you need to fill in gaps after moving or altering parts of your image.

The future of Photoshop is here with Generative AI and new innovations to  accelerate creative workflows | Adobe BlogSource: Adobe

Adobe's 'Neural Filters' represent another cutting-edge application of AI in Photoshop. These are a set of AI-powered tools that allow users to make significant alterations to the content of an image in a non-destructive and reversible manner. For instance, 'Smart Portrait' is a neural filter that lets you change a subject's age, gaze, and even their expression. This filter could be used in eCommerce photography to tailor the mood of lifestyle images to better match the brand's style or the mood of a particular marketing campaign.

How to Use Neural Filters in Photoshop (Step by Step)Source: Expert Photography

There are also several neural filters designed for specific tasks like 'Colorize', which can add color to black and white images, or 'Super Zoom', which can enhance the details in low-resolution images. These filters allow eCommerce merchants to create a variety of visual effects and enhance the visual appeal of their product images.

For an eCommerce merchant selling handmade jewelry, these tools can revolutionize the way you present your products. You could use the 'Content-Aware Fill' to remove any unwanted reflections in the jewelry or to replace the background of the image entirely. With the 'Neural Filters', you could alter the mood of lifestyle images to better match your branding. For example, you could use the 'Smart Portrait' filter to make the model wearing your jewelry appear more joyful or more serious, depending on the mood you want to convey. With these advanced tools, Adobe Photoshop provides a level of control and flexibility that can help you create striking, professional-quality images for your online store.

Pixelcut.AI - Basic Photo Editor (Free)

Pixelcut AI eCommerce Photography Tool

Pixelcut.AI is a comprehensive AI platform that provides a suite of tools designed to streamline and enhance eCommerce merchants' digital content creation. These tools leverage artificial intelligence to automate various aspects of image editing, making the process easier and more efficient.

Pixelcut AI Features Background Remover Magic Eraser Image UpscalerSource:

A key feature is the Background Remover, which allows you to quickly and easily remove the background from any image in your photo collection. It's a perfect tool for both professionals and beginners, providing an efficient way to enhance product photos by isolating the product itself. Another tool, Magic Eraser, enables you to remove unwanted objects and clean up images, enhancing the focus on the product you wish to highlight.

Pixelcut.AI also provides an Image Upscaler, which increases the resolution of an image, making it larger and more detailed. This feature uses AI to add pixels and sharpen the image, which can be particularly useful for businesses that have low-resolution product images and want to make them look like high-quality, professional shots. The Recolor Image tool is another valuable feature that automatically identifies all items in your image and allows you to change their color, providing an easy way to visualize a product in different color variations without the
need for multiple product photos.

AI Product Photography ToolsSource:

In terms of a use case for product and lifestyle photography, consider an eCommerce merchant selling fashion items. With Pixelcut.AI, they could take a single photo of a dress, remove the background to create a clean, professional product image, and then use the Recolor Image tool to showcase the dress in a variety of colors. This would be significantly more efficient than photographing the dress in every color. For lifestyle photos, they could use the Magic Eraser to remove any distracting elements in the image, keeping the focus on the product.

Booth.AI - Product Photography (Free in Beta)

Create pro quality product photography with AI | Booth.AI

Booth.AI is an innovative platform that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to transform the field of product photography. By employing generative AI algorithms, Booth.AI is able to produce high-quality, professional product images that highlight the key features and unique selling points of a brand's merchandise. This not only addresses the challenges businesses face in capturing exceptional product images but also significantly reduces the need for expensive photography equipment and time-consuming photo shoots.

How to use Booth AI eCommerce Tools


One of the key features of Booth.AI is its Automatic Background Removal tool. This feature uses AI to detect and remove backgrounds from uploaded product images, resulting in clean and professional-looking results. Another standout feature is the Smart Cropping and Scaling tool. Using advanced algorithms, Booth.AI intelligently crops and scales product images to optimize them for different marketing channels and platforms. In addition, Booth.AI's platform allows users to make real-time adjustments to their images using AI-powered editing tools, providing maximum control and customization.

Booth.AI also offers a unique approach to creating lifestyle and original images. By uploading reference photos and providing a text prompt, users can generate lifestyle images and original images in a matter of minutes. This vast image catalog helps differentiate products and elevate brand storytelling. From lifestyle images showcasing products in real-life scenarios to original images capturing unique product designs, Booth.AI has got it covered.

Booth AI Product Photography Generator

The use case of Booth.AI for product and lifestyle photography is quite straightforward. For instance, an eCommerce merchant specializing in home decor could utilize Booth.AI to generate lifestyle images that showcase their products in various real-life scenarios. The merchant can upload reference photos of their products, provide a text prompt describing the type of lifestyle image they want to create (such as a living room setting with their product prominently featured), and let Booth.AI generate the image. This not only saves the merchant the time and resources typically required for a photo shoot but also provides them with professional-grade images that can be used across various marketing channels to attract and engage customers.

Zeg.AI - 3D Product Renders ($200/product)

ZEG AI eCommerce Product Photography Lifestyle ToolsSource: Zeg.AI

Zeg.AI is a groundbreaking platform that offers a unique solution for eCommerce businesses in need of product photography and 3D modeling. It is designed to simplify the process of creating product photos and 3D models, making it accessible to anyone with a Chrome browser, regardless of their previous experience with 3D modeling.

Zeg.AI's core functionality revolves around the transformation of 2D images into 3D models. Users can upload 1-3 images of a product, and the platform's advanced technology will construct a 3D model based on these inputs. The platform primarily caters to consumer goods such as beverages, cosmetics, personal care products, packets, shoes, and similar items, but it also has the capacity to create 3D models for use in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and games.

Zeg.AI eCommerce AI Tools 3d Modeling Product Products Source: Zeg.AI

Once a 3D model is created, it can be virtually placed in any scene for a realistic depiction of the product in a variety of environments. This feature is particularly useful for lifestyle photography, where the aim is to showcase products in a real-life context. Whether it's a beverage on a beach or a cosmetic product in a bathroom setting, Zeg.AI can generate stunning, high-resolution imagery that brings products to life.

The platform is designed to be user-friendly, with most of the 2D to 3D transformation handled by Zeg.AI at no extra cost. Users also have the option to make further customizations, such as changing backgrounds. To ensure a smooth user experience, Zeg.AI provides guidance throughout the entire process, making it an excellent tool for small businesses, large companies, teachers, and individuals looking to develop their 3D design skills.

Consider an eCommerce merchant selling a range of cosmetics. They want to promote a new line of lipsticks but are faced with the challenge of creating engaging product images without the expense of a professional photo shoot. Zeg.AI provides the perfect solution.

eCommerce AI Tools 3d modeling Products Zeg AISource: Zeg.AI

The merchant can simply upload 1-3 images of each lipstick and let Zeg.AI construct a detailed 3D model. Once the 3D model is ready, it can be virtually placed in various lifestyle scenes, such as a glamorous dressing room or a chic handbag. This allows the merchant to create a collection of high-quality product images that not only showcase the lipsticks but also give customers a glimpse of how they can fit into their lifestyle. The images can then be used across the merchant's online store and social media channels, enhancing the visual appeal of their brand and enticing potential customers to make a purchase.

Moreover, the 3D models created by Zeg.AI can be integrated into AR applications, allowing customers to virtually "try on" the lipsticks. This interactive shopping experience can further boost customer engagement and sales, demonstrating the multifaceted value of Zeg.AI for eCommerce businesses.

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