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Our Agency's Top 5 AI Social Media Content Marketing Tools For Online Sales

June 12, 2024
8 Min Read
Our Agency's Top 5 AI Social Media Content Marketing Tools For Online Sales
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32 AI eCommerce Tools To Start Using Today

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In today's interconnected world, social media has transformed into an indispensable platform for businesses, influencers, and individuals alike. With billions of active users engaging in constant online conversations, the challenge of standing out amidst the digital noise has never been greater. However, the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has ushered in a new era of possibilities, offering a range of innovative tools designed to optimize social media strategies and drive digital success. Let's embark on a journey through the realm of social media AI tools, exploring five exceptional solutions that empower users to navigate this ever-evolving landscape with precision and finesse.

Social Media AI Tools Phone Mockup Large

The rapid evolution of AI technology has unleashed a wealth of opportunities for those seeking to unlock the true potential of social media platforms. These intelligent tools provide invaluable insights, automating time-consuming tasks, and revolutionizing the way content is created, curated, and shared. By harnessing the power of AI, businesses can gain a competitive edge, leveraging data-driven strategies, targeted audience analysis, and sophisticated content optimization techniques to captivate their online communities.

We present a carefully curated selection of five social media AI tools that have emerged as trailblazers in their respective domains. From intelligent content scheduling and sentiment analysis to advanced image recognition and influencer identification, these tools empower users to streamline their social media efforts, maximize engagement, and foster meaningful connections. Join us as we dive deep into the realm of social media AI and uncover the transformative potential it holds for businesses and individuals in their quest for
digital triumph.

Bing Image Creator/Dall-e 2 - Image Generator (Free)

Bing Image Creator/Dall-e 2 is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platform that offers a cutting-edge solution for eCommerce merchants seeking to enhance their online presence and engage customers in more meaningful ways. This platform taps into the power of generative AI to create a wide variety of unique and high-quality images, which can be customized to the merchants' specific needs.

Bing Image Creator Generator
Source: Microsoft

The principal tool within this platform is the Image Creator, which uses AI to produce unique images based on textual descriptions. To utilize this tool, users simply input a brief, descriptive text, and the AI generates a corresponding image. The technology powering this process leverages a vast database of images and learns from the input it receives, thereby continually improving the relevance and quality of the images it produces.

In addition, Dall-e 2 introduces a new dimension to the image generation process with its ability to create not just static images, but dynamic visuals that can adapt to changing scenarios or context. This is achieved through its Dynamic Image Generation feature, which allows users to input additional parameters such as time, location, or context, adding depth and dynamism to the generated images.

DALLE 2: What's it good at? Where does it go wrong? - The Big Tech Question
Source: The Big Tech Question

In the context of social media, Bing Image Creator/Dall-e 2 can be an invaluable tool for eCommerce merchants. With the platform's powerful image generation capabilities, merchants can create engaging and tailor-made visual content for their social media channels, driving user engagement and enhancing their brand's online visibility.

Furthermore, with the Dynamic Image Generation feature, the merchant can create a series of images showing how their furniture might look in different settings or times of day. This can help potential customers visualize the furniture in their own spaces, further driving interest and engagement.

MidJourney - Image Generator ($10/mo or $96/yr)

MidJourney is an AI image generator with a distinct style and unique capabilities. It stands out from other image generators by offering a dream-like, gothic, and atmospheric feel to the images it creates. This makes MidJourney especially suitable for those looking to create sci-fi literature or artwork that requires a unique style. The platform aims to explore new mediums of thought and expand the imaginative powers of the human species, making it a perfect tool for creative exploration.

Midjourney AI for eCommerce Social Media
Source: Digidop

One of the most significant advantages of using MidJourney is its natural language processing capabilities. Users can input a prompt in natural language to generate an image, and the software can return multiple attempts at that image in just a few seconds. Furthermore, MidJourney's latest version can generate higher-quality images with a broader stylistic range and better dynamic range. MidJourney excels in creating faces and can also produce improved results for other objects, making it an incredibly versatile tool for image generation. Pro subscribers can create up to 64 images simultaneously and ask for up to 40 combinations of prompts in a single query, making it a robust tool for large-scale projects.

To use MidJourney, users must first access the AI image generator via Discord, as it does not have a web app or downloadable version. Once logged into Discord, users can type "/describe" in the chat box at the bottom and then click the describe command. They can then attach an image they want to tell and hit the enter key. Based on the user's input prompt, the software will generate multiple images within seconds. The generated images can be downloaded and used for any purpose, including commercial ones, giving users considerable freedom in utilizing the images generated.

AI Social Media Content Marketing Tools MIdjourney Large

However, MidJourney does have some limitations. It is not as easily accessible as some competitors, requiring users to go through Discord to use it. Its AI can sometimes miss the mark and may not always generate the desired results. Moreover, MidJourney is not a free platform, and users must pay a subscription fee to access its more advanced features. To optimize the use of MidJourney, it's recommended that users use concise and specific prompts that accurately describe the image they want to generate, as using ambiguous or general prompts
may lead to undesired results.

In the context of social media, MidJourney can be a game-changer. Social media managers often need to create engaging and visually appealing content to attract and retain followers. With MidJourney, they can generate unique, atmospheric, and eye-catching images to accompany their posts, making the content stand out. If a social media manager is running a campaign for a sci-fi book, they could use MidJourney to generate dream-like and gothic images that align perfectly with the book's theme.

Moreover, the natural language processing capability of MidJourney allows for a seamless content creation process. A social media manager can simply describe the desired image using natural language, and MidJourney will generate images based on the provided prompt. This eliminates the need for graphic design skills or the cost of hiring a professional designer.

Midjourney Subscription PlansSource: Midjourney

With the pro subscription, a social media manager can even generate multiple images simultaneously, giving them a wide variety of images to choose from for their posts. This can be particularly useful for planning and scheduling posts in advance. Despite the need to access the platform via Discord and the subscription fee, the benefits and unique capabilities of MidJourney make it a powerful tool for creating unique and engaging content on social media.

MarketMuse - Content Optimization ($149/mo or $1,500/yr)

MarketMuse is an advanced AI platform designed to aid content creation, optimization, and strategy. At the heart of its functionalities is the patented topic modeling technology that is adept at analyzing hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of pages to determine the topics experts discuss when they delve into a subject. This feature ensures high-quality content creation right from the first draft, saving you from the hassle of multiple rewrites. The MarketMuse Content Briefs function as a roadmap, providing guidance on what to cover, and the Optimize feature
offers immediate feedback on your coverage.

AI Content Planning and Optimization Software - MarketMuseSource: MarketMuse

MarketMuse's AI-driven content brief process helps marketers efficiently create briefs that ensure writers produce consistently high-quality output. The software also provides personalized, objective insights for content strategists to plan with confidence. Moreover, MarketMuse's Competitive Content Analysis feature enables you to analyze your competitor's content at both page and site levels. This can be particularly useful in understanding the structure of top-ranking articles and identifying content gaps to exploit.

Furthermore, MarketMuse streamlines keyword research with its cluster-first approach, sorting and prioritizing keywords based on your existing clusters. It offers a personalized difficulty score, which takes into account your domain’s existing content and authority, helping you understand how easy or hard it is for your website to rank for any given topic. This score gives you an edge over competitors who rely on generic difficulty scores.

Content Brief Generator - MarketMuseSource: MarketMuse

MarketMuse can be a powerful tool for eCommerce merchants looking to leverage social media. By using MarketMuse's keyword research and topic modeling capabilities, merchants can identify trending topics, relevant keywords, and related questions in their niche. This information can be used to create engaging and SEO-friendly social media content that resonates with the target audience and boosts visibility.

The Competitive Content Analysis feature can be used to study successful social media posts from competitors, analyze their structure, and identify content gaps that your business could fill. MarketMuse's personalized difficulty metrics can also help in assessing the feasibility of ranking for certain keywords in social media searches. Through consistent use of the platform, eCommerce merchants can build topical authority on social media, resulting in improved engagement, visibility, and ultimately, sales.

ContentStudio - Social Media Management ($49/mo)

ContentStudio is an AI-powered platform that presents an array of tools, each catering to different aspects of content management and social media marketing, to enhance the efficiency of eCommerce merchants.

The first tool, the Topic Inventory application, is a robust feature that allows you to maintain an organized inventory of your content. This application plays a critical role in ensuring that you can always find and track your content, thus enhancing the effectiveness of your content audit.

Unified Social Media Management Platform - ContentStudioSource: ContentStudio

The Discovery tool is another essential feature that helps you search and curate content from various sources. The tool enables you to discover new and trending content based on keywords, domains, and authors. The results are sorted by relevance, recency, and social engagement, ensuring you always have a fresh stream of engaging content to share with your audience.

ContentStudio's Planner tool is designed to streamline your content planning process. With it, you can schedule and visualize your content strategy in a comprehensive calendar view. This tool aids you in maintaining a consistent content schedule, ensuring your content strategy stays on track.

When it comes to content creation, the Composer tool is at your disposal. This powerful editor aids in crafting compelling content and offers the option to post the content directly on social media. This capability is especially beneficial in the context of the use case of social media, where it allows you to seamlessly create and share engaging content on your social platforms.

How to generate AI images with Content Studio - ContentStudio Help CenterSource: ContentStudio

Lastly, the Automation module in ContentStudio helps automate your content marketing and distribution, allowing you to maintain a consistent online presence with minimal effort. This tool can be particularly advantageous for eCommerce merchants seeking to maximize their reach on social media by sharing user-generated content.

PhotoAi - Portrait Photograph Generator ($29/mo)

PhotoAI is an advanced AI platform designed to transform user-provided photos into stunning, unique, and personalized AI visuals. The platform employs cutting-edge AI algorithms to comprehend the content of the images uploaded by the user, applying various transformations and styles based on the user's chosen pack. The end product is a collection of personalized and unique images that reflect the user's distinctive characteristics.

To start using PhotoAI, users first need to sign up or log in to the platform. Following this, users can select and purchase their preferred pack. With the payment process completed, users can upload at least 15 photos of themselves, adhering to the instructions provided on the page. For the best results, it is recommended to upload a variety of high-quality images, including a mix of close-up selfies and full body shots taken from different angles, in various settings, and with diverse expressions. Photos with low variety, group photos, images with other people,
sunglasses, hats, or where the face is not clearly visible should be avoided.Future Tools - PhotoAISource: PhotoAI

After the photos are uploaded, the platform takes over. It takes approximately 28 minutes to train the AI model using the uploaded photos, after which it takes about 14 seconds to generate each AI photo. The resemblance of the AI-generated photos to the user depends largely on the quality and variety of the uploaded images. The more varied and high-quality the images, the more accurately the AI can replicate the user's unique characteristics.

In the realm of social media, PhotoAI's capabilities can be utilized to create unique profile pictures and avatars. Users can transform their standard photos into personalized images that stand out on their social media profiles. This offers users an opportunity to express their individuality and creativity, giving their social media presence a unique touch. The generated images can be used across various social media platforms, providing a consistent and
captivating visual identity.

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