Using HubSpot CRM To Close Deals

Apr 28, 2020   •   2 Min Read

HubSpot CRM is free to use, intuitive and contains all basic CRM necessities without being too complicated. It includes almost everything a sales team needs to organize leads, keep track of their movements and nurture them.

As a Diamond HubSpot Partner Agency, our HubSpot developers understand how to leverage custom functionality to help your business grow with HubSpot design and development.

Using HubSpot CRM

The HubSpot CRM provides everything you need to attract, engage and delight customers throughout the entire buyer's journey. The growth platform includes a marketing hub, sales hub and service hub.

In this blog, we're focusing on how using HubSpot CRM sales software helps to close deals.

Features of HubSpot Sales Software

Using HubSpot CRM in conjunction with your email marketing efforts offers multiple benefits:

  • Tie user profiles to your inbox
  • Know who interacts with your emails
  • Schedule emails

Tie User Profiles To Your Inbox

HubSpot Sales ties user profiles to your inbox, which allows you to see your previous email interactions with a user as well as their profile. This includes mutual contacts between you and the user, where they work, where they live and where they have interacted with your website.

Know Who Interacts With Your Emails

HubSpot Sales lets you see who and how many times someone has opened and clicked on your emails. It even shows you who is viewing or clicking links within your emails and at what time.

Schedule Emails

Time your emails to be sent out at different times throughout the day using HubSpot CRM, and even set reminders to schedule out emails.

In this screenshot below, this is where you'll see the emails you've scheduled. Schedule the emails by day, time and specific to certain time zones.

Using HubSpot CRM: Scheduling Emails


In an age where a salesperson's day is jam-packed with connecting across multiple platforms and mediums with prospects, this magical tool provides further insight into how prospects interact with your emails and website presence.

In addition to potential leads, HubSpot Sales also gives a glimpse into what staff, and even family members, are looking at on your website.

Using HubSpot CRM To Close Deals

This sales gem has helped Groove reconnect with a long-time "friend of the program" who had been all over our website looking at recent work and some of our newest blogs.

Since we were able to see this level of activity through HubSpot Sales, we were provided the opportunity to reach out.

It turned out that the company was looking for a new partner to help build out a new consumer site. So, we met within a week, and within four weeks we were contracted and the deal was complete.

While we don't expect every HubSpot notification or alert to lead to a six-figure deal, this case did prove that. Personalize each individual interaction and make a more relevant connection at a relevant time by using HubSpot CRM.


Create a more effective sales team, and therefore, close more business deals with insight to who and how people are engaging with your website and emails.

At Groove, our goal is to use technology and automation to make experiences more streamlined and relevant to the end user. Although we do not believe that any technology or automation should be used to replace human interaction, we believe it will create better visibility for your business.

We're helping companies (and even ourselves) make more relevant connections with audiences, and as a result, we're seeing an increase in conversions.

With the right tools in place, technology truly can be the best tool to help achieve our goals and satisfy our customers. If you'd like to learn more, read our HubSpot CRM Review that breaks down the pros and cons, or check out this HubSpot vs Mailchimp article to compare platforms.

If you have any questions about using HubSpot CRM or would like to know more about how Groove can help, contact us through the form below. Our team will be in touch!

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