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Groove Commerce
With many retailers concerned about optimizing performance on Magento, we're sharing 9 ways to supercharge your Magento site and fix site speed.


Groove Webinar: Supercharge Magento

Coming off the heels of the 2013 Magento Imagine Conference, Groove realized that many eTailers were concerned about how to maximize their performance on Magento. Developing goals in relation to the three core metrics of online marketing and understanding the top converting content is only a part of what makes a Magento website successful. Watch this full webinar below to learn 9 steps for truly supercharging your eCommerce success.

Experience the Next Level of eCommerce Success by Supercharging your Magento Website with these 9 Steps!

  • Date: Thursday May 16th
  • Time: 2pm to 3pm ET
  • Cost: Free!

What you’ll learn in this free webinar:

  • 9 easy to follow steps for maximizing revenue with your Magento website
  • Most important eCommerce metrics of a Magento site
  • The content that can most greatly impact SEO & conversions
  • How you maximize site speed and performance with Magento

Join us and watch the recording of our webinar below:

Webinar Recording: 9 Ways To Supercharge Your Magento Website

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