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eCommerce SEO Tools: The Best For 2021

Jan 06, 2021   •   5 Min Read

To be the best, you have to use the best, and understanding and leveraging the best SEO tools is essential for a successful eCommerce SEO strategy. From legacy eCommerce SEO tools to industry disruptors, we’ve outlined some of our favorites for keyword research, backlink information and more.

Best SEO Tools - For Free!

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Google's Structured Data Testing Tool helps merchants create new website pages and improve existing ones with manual optimizations. Most importantly, this tool validates structured data accuracy. Google frequently pulls structured data and into its Knowledge Graph – a key benefit that can improve search visibility.

Learn more about Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

Google Analytics

If you own or operate a website, you should be using Google Analytics. Google Analytics records, visualizes and analyzes website statistics to help your business grow.

With Google Analytics, you can attribute website traffic to different sources and implement eCommerce tracking to record purchases. Use goals to measure lead generation conversions or monitor your website with real-time reports. Regardless of your business size or vertical, we recommend Google Analytics as one of the best SEO tools to measure and improve your website's performance.

Learn more about Google Analytics.

Google Search Console

When you're trying to increase organic search presence, we recommend going right to the source with Google Search Console. This tool uses search analytics to help you optimize content, submit your websites and specific URLs for indexing and receive alerts about website issues. Overall, Google Search Console helps you understand how Google views and ranks your pages.

Learn more about Google Search Console.

Google My Business

Google My Business enables any business to create and maintain a highly visible online profile that displays in Google search results. This free SEO tool helps businesses engage with customers and displays photos, hours of operation, customer reviews and more.

We recommend that eCommerce businesses optimize their Google My Business accounts with visuals and content that enhances their overall brands. Additionally, businesses should demonstrate what makes their products unique and actively respond to customer reviews.

Learn more about Google My Business.

Google Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant helps you setup Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads and other tags correctly. Use this tool to monitor current tags on your website, identify errors and implement suggested improvements. Overall, this easy-to-use browser extension helps reduce headaches and ensures accurate data from Google tools.

Learn more about Google Tag Assistant.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Searching for keyword ideas? Although this tool is designed for Google AdWords campaigns, it can still provide value for organic optimization.

Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner to identify related phrases and measure associated search volumes. You can also export this information through Google AdWords to review later.

Learn more about Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights API (PSI) measures page performance and provides suggestions to help you improve. This tool also provides lab and field data, which helps debug performance issues and capture a true, real-world user experience. 

Page load times influence organic search rankings. As a result, we recommend businesses frequently use Google PageSpeed Insights to ensure their websites load quickly and display in organic search results.

Learn more about Google PageSpeed Insights. 

SEO Site Checkup

This suite of tools offers insights for a variety of SEO issues. To start, choose specific items you want to improve, such as visitor breakdown, sitemap files, backlinks, favicons – you name it! SEO Site Checkup will assign your site an overall letter grade and identify the most important fixes to help you improve.

Learn more about the SEO Site Checkup tools.

Keywords Everywhere Browser Extension

This free browser extension reveals accurate search volume, CPC and competition data to help you identify keywords that can move your business forward. The Keywords Everywhere Browser Extension also suggests related long-tail phrases, and lets you download keyword lists with Excel, CSV or PDF file formats.

Learn more about the Keywords Everywhere Browser Extension.

SEO Minion Browser Extension

This all-in-one SEO Chrome add-on analyzes on-page SEO for redirects and broken links. SEO Minion also identifies your website's predicted rankings using a SERP preview tool. With advanced settings and multi-location SERP views, this tool helps you get a comprehensive view of your organic search potential.

Learn more about the SEO Minion Browser Extension.

Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg's three main features can help businesses tackle keyword research. Find Keywords, Import Keywords and Merge Words tools help identify related keyword opportunities. Additionally, this browser extension provides keyword metrics and generates multiple keyword combinations to expand your future organic search footprint. 

Learn more about Keyword Keg.

Best SEO Tools - Payment Required

Screaming Frog Spider Tool

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool is a desktop extension with a variety of different features and functionality to measure your website's SEO health. After you run a crawl, the export will include insights about key elements like title tags, alt tags and 301 redirects to an Excel doc for easy analysis. Although its interface is somewhat difficult to navigate, the data Screaming Frog Spider Tool provides offers significant value to help you maintain your eCommerce store.

Learn more about Screaming Frog Spider Tool.


SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing resource that offers SEO, paid traffic, social media and content/PR analysis tools. The SEO tool collects keyword data, anchor text, backlinks, ranking position and more to help you gain a comprehensive view of your organic footprint.

Learn more about SEMrush.

Moz Pro Keyword Explorer

Moz Pro Keyword Explorer uses a unique formula to show keyword difficulty based on page/domain rank, page/domain authority, competitors, current rankings and more. It also compares keyword difficulty and offers a refreshing alternative to other keyword suggestion tools. As a member of the Moz Pro SEO suite, Keyword Explorer is a fantastic value and helps businesses prioritize keywords to target.

Learn more about Moz Pro Keyword Explorer.

Moz Pro On-Page Grader

Moz On-Page Grader is one of the best SEO tools for optimizing content. This on-page analysis tool grades the quality and relevance of a specific URL based on your desired keyword. The report card assigns a letter grade to your URL and displays actionable recommendations to improve the quality of the page. 

Learn more about Moz Pro On-Page Grader.

Moz Pro Link Explorer’s vast link index helps you create solid strategies, track progress and uncover valuable link prospects. This tool uses a machine learning algorithm that mimics Google’s index to prioritize the links this tool crawls. Easily compare link profiles, track Spam Score and create a link tracking list to monitor links over time.

Learn more about Moz Pro Link Explorer.

If you’re managing link-building efforts on your site, this link building management tool is a must. Raven Tools Link Manager helps businesses analyze the active and inactive links, link anchor text and backlink domains. This tool is also a part of the larger Raven Tools SEO Suite, which gives access to rank tracking, keyword and competitor research tools and more.

Learn more about Raven Tools Link Manager.


Marketing and SEO experts recommend Ahrefs as one of the best eCommerce SEO tools. Use Ahrefs to research competing websites by looking at “Top Pages” and exact keywords that drive visits to their sites. This data helps you learn why your competitors rank for desired keywords and determines what you need to improve overall rankings.

Learn more about Ahrefs.


Curious about how an effective eCommerce SEO strategy can help your business grow and want to speak with an expert? We'd love to hear from you!

Please shoot us a message using the form below. We look forward to learning more about your business and identifying ways to help you reach your organic search goals.

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