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Learn how our team of eCommerce experts designed and developed a stunning brand-new website for Doc Popcorn

Doc Popcorn is a sister company to Dippin’ Dots, a brand famous for its small frozen treats. With numerous franchised retail locations across the United States, Doc Popcorn offers high-quality and freshly popped popcorn to consumers across the country.

While Dippin’ Dots recently underwent a complete website overhaul, Doc Popcorn used this opportunity to revitalize its site’s appearance and functionality. This design and development project came with its own series of unique challenges and limitations.

The Challenge:

Increase Brand Recognition:

Although Doc Popcorn is well known to those near franchise locations, many across the country haven’t been able to experience the brand and its offerings. The Doc Popcorn team wanted to use this project as a chance for potential customers to connect with the brand and view retail locations nearby.

Additionally, the Doc Popcorn team wanted to elevate the site’s design to reflect the brand’s fun and inviting style. The previous Doc Popcorn site had minimal animations, graphics, and branded content for customers to connect with. Our team set out to find out the best ways that Doc Popcorn could enable fans everywhere to interact with the high-energy brand.



Driving Sales:

Prior to this website project, the only easy way for users to easily purchase popcorn was at a Doc Popcorn franchise location. Customers could alternatively request a home delivery form, submit that form and expect a franchisee to fulfill their order outside of the common eCommerce experience that we all have learned to love (order confirmation, tracking number, etc.).

Although this updated site would continue not leveraging an eCommerce checkout, the Doc Popcorn team wanted to use this website project as the opportunity to streamline and simplify the online order and home delivery process With this in mind, our team began to formulate how to most efficiently get delicious popcorn into the hands of those who want it.

Production & Shipping:

Because Doc Popcorn prides itself on fresh and high-quality popcorn, they produce their product at franchise locations instead of a central production facility.

In order to overcome this hurdle, Doc Popcorn retailers fulfill home delivery requests from production to shipping. This allows Doc Popcorn to test the success of their product in an eCommerce environment (for regions where it is offered) without taking on the financial burden that a centralized fulfillment system would require. Additionally, franchise locations gain the added benefit of increased sales numbers when an eCommerce customer in their region places an order.

The Solution:

UX & UI Overhaul:

This newly redesigned site acts as a home base for potential customers who could be convinced to purchase, or are looking for the easiest way to buy their favorite brand of popcorn. Our team of designers took each part of the previous Doc Popcorn site and analyzed the function it served, as well as how it could be improved.



Home Page:

Our team optimized UI elements, including creating a widget-based design. This included a friendly navigation bar, a branded hero image, and three featured flavors for users to choose from. Moving down the page, visitors are greeted with information about physical locations, delivery options and Popcorn-related blog posts.

Additionally, we added hidden elements of delight that reflect the brand’s fun appeal. This includes a “popping” hover animation on product imagery, an exploding kernel mobile navigation and waypoint intro animations for text and image elements throughout the site.






Doc Popcorn offers 12+ delicious flavors. With these many options for customers to choose from, users want to learn more about what these flavors are like, as well as dietary information specific to each flavor. When customers click one of the joyfully-animated popcorn buckets, they are brought to a comprehensive nutritional information page, which lists every ingredient as well as its effect on the product as a whole in an easy-to-understand user interface.



Although this site does not leverage a checkout or cart, it uses BigCommerce’s catalog functionality to manage flavors as products. Furthermore, we help Doc Popcorn maintain their nutritional information in a centralized location leveraging BigCommerce custom fields.



Store Locator:

Although Doc Popcorn previously leveraged a store locator, it did not provide a seamless experience to end users. With our updated store locator, users can narrow their search by location and radius to easily find the store closest to them. Once users locate their desired stores, they can click a simple “directions” button, which opens the exact location inside of Google maps either on their personal computer or smartphone.

Creating an eCommerce Experience

As discussed above, Doc Popcorn is not operationally set up to serve customers from a central production facility and instead, has eCommerce orders shipped from the nearest retail location. With this information in mind, our team created an experience similar to the eCommerce process customers are used to.

We also built the site in a way to allow Doc Popcorn to easily enable traditional checkout and cart functionality in the future if they desire. With this approach, we tackled both the client’s immediate needs as well as helped them to plan for a scaling future.

The Results:

Overall, the site’s final design and associated performance outpaced the client’s expectations.

With a blazing-fast score of 80/100 in Google Page Speed Insights, our team balanced competing priorities of beautiful imagery, bespoke design and light code weight.

As this site moves into its next era, we are excited to support its growth through ongoing support and optimization. If you’re interested in learning more or exploring how a catalog-only eCommerce store could work for your brand, please reach out using the form below.

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