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LA Police Gear

Primary Service: BigCommerce
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BigCommerce Managed Services Complete Care - LA Police Gear

Conversion Rate


Last Contentful Paint


Cumulative Layout Shift

The Background

Conversion Rate & Page Speed Improvements with Complete Care Managed Services

Originally launching in September of 2023, our team overhauled LA Police Gear on BigCommerce, leveraging our signature Velocity framework to deliver a world-class online store. This redesign modernized their digital storefront and laid the groundwork for continuous improvement under our Complete Care Managed Services. With the stage set, this success story details how our team delivers high-impact Managed Services to eCommerce retailers.

The Challenge: Previous Managed Services Provider Issues

Previous Provider Issues & Unresolved Bugs

When LA Police Gear approached our team, they were struggling with a series of challenges, many of which stemmed from their previous agency's shortcomings. The relationship with their prior service provider, initially a Yahoo agency that transitioned to working on BigCommerce, had become a source of frustration rather than support. The agency's approach, particularly its decision to hard-code elements that should have been dynamic, severely restricted LA Police Gear's ability to update and manage their site independently. 

It was a partnership marked by slow and ineffective communication, creating a delta between what LA Police Gear needed and what was delivered. We understood that effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful agency-client relationship. The lack of effective communication left LA Police Gear feeling unheard and unsupported.

Site Speed Slowdown

Before the launch of the new LA Police Gear store, less-than-stellar performance emerged as a critical concern, particularly on mobile devices. Users on mobile devices have been measured to have higher speed and efficiency expectations compared to those using a traditional desktop. 

A core underlying issue was traced back to an over-reliance on heavy JavaScript libraries for carousel features, which significantly bogged down page loading times. Issues like this impaired the user experience and impacted the site's search engine rankings, as page speed is a key factor in Google's algorithms.

Lack of Internal Development Expertise

A gap in BigCommerce technical expertise left LA Police Gear vulnerable and overly dependent on their previous agency. LA Police Gear’s (lack of) ability to make timely updates and leverage the platform's full potential contributed to a cycle of inefficiency and frustration. 

The need for a dedicated & knowledgeable partner to bridge this gap became obvious.

Accessibility Responsibility & Liability

The previous site’s accessibility compliance, or the lack thereof, posed a risk to user inclusivity and exposed LA Police Gear to potential legal complications. 

A comprehensive review and overhaul to ensure that all users, regardless of their abilities, could navigate and interact with the site was required. Luckily, our team’s Velocity framework was created with accessibility compliance built-in.

Providing A Poor User Experience

Before our intervention, LA Police Gear's website felt "stuck," to use the client’s own words.

Recognizing this, we undertook a comprehensive Velocity redesign on BigCommerce, which fundamentally transformed the brand's digital interface. This redesign wasn't just cosmetic; it aimed at maximizing site speed and efficiency, key factors in enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

However, our work didn't stop there. We've continued to build upon this foundation, introducing further optimizations and features designed to meet evolving user needs and expectations. With an extensive pipeline of enhancements planned for the months ahead, the Groove Commerce team is committed to forward-thinking and user-centric design and development practices.

eCommerce Managed Services Complete Care BigCommerce LA Police Gear
eCommerce Managed Services Complete Care BigCommerce LA Police Gear

The Solution:

Non-Stop Optimization

Post-Velocity build launch, we established a routine of monthly meetings, ensuring a continuous dialogue, closely monitoring the progression of requested tasks, and adjusting priorities as needed.

This meticulous approach allows us to address additional needs through Managed Services hours efficiently, kicking things off with the implementation of additional dynamic widgets and further page speed optimizations.

Resolving Slow Site Speed

Targeting the critical issue of slow site speed, we introduced specific, impactful changes.

The Image Gallery Change on PDPs was a key update that significantly boosted the site's mobile core web vitals score. By developing and implementing the "Groove Custom Carousel Design," we replaced the default, performance-heavy JavaScript, streamlining page load times and enhancing site responsiveness. 

This custom solution has since become an integral part of our Velocity builds, demonstrating our commitment to sharing innovations with our entire client base.

Bridging the Lack of Development Expertise

To compensate for the internal development expertise gap, our team stepped in with comprehensive support, effectively becoming an extension of LA Police Gear's in-house team. 

By ensuring timely platform updates within BigCommerce's recommended timelines, we maintain the site's smooth operation. As an Elite partner, our direct access advanced BigCommerce support teams provided an additional layer of security for rapid issue resolution. 

The smooth operation of the Velocity build has thus far negated the need for emergency interventions.

Enhancing Accessibility Compliance

Following the Velocity build's launch, we've been proactive in ensuring the site's accessibility standards are not only met but consistently upheld. All changes that our team makes to the site are completed with ADA compliance and accessibility in mind.

Having an agency-wide proactive stance on accessibility enhances user satisfaction and positions LA Police Gear as a brand that prioritizes inclusivity and legal compliance.

Continuous UX Improvement

Our vision for the site includes a continuous pipeline of enhancements designed to keep the platform at the cutting edge of eCommerce innovation. Since launch, our team has completed over 50 design and development adjustments, such as user-centric widgets like "Complete The Look" and "Brand Values." Summarized, our efforts aim to create an engaging, intuitive, and highly responsive online shopping environment.


La Police Gear BigCommerce Managed Services Ryan Batenhorst

The Results

Upon launching the LA Police Gear Velocity build on BigCommerce, we immediately started with Complete Care Managed Services to tackle high-priority issues. Initial positive results from the site redesign project can be found in BigCommerce’s LA Police Gear case study

Through detailed planning, monthly progress reviews, and strategic updates like our team’s Custom Carousel Design, we continue to significantly improve site speed and performance.  After three months of providing ongoing Complete Care Managed Services to the retailer, our team recorded the following metrics. 


Conversion Rate Lift


Last Contentful Paint Improvement


Cumulative Layout Shift Increase

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