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Thrifty White Health Essentials

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The Background

Our Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency Increased Email Revenue by +190%

Originating in 1884 as White Drug in the Dakota Territory, Thrifty White Health Essentials started with a pioneering spirit. Today, Thrifty White Health Essentials serves as a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of items, including beauty, cleaning, and medical supplies. With many physical locations and the goal of growing the online side of the business, our team was brought on board to provide Klaviyo email marketing services.

The Challenge: Klaviyo Marketing Sophistication

Decreased Revenue & Engagement

Thrifty White Health Essentials’ initial Klaviyo email marketing strategies did not drive revenue or increase customer loyalty. The expected ROI never materialized, with financials and user interactions seeing ongoing negative trends. 

Lacking the bandwidth, experience, and specialization needed to reverse these trends, The Thrifty White Health Essentials team found themselves stuck. Recognizing the need for fresh expertise, partnering with a team of seasoned Klaviyo email marketing specialists was needed. They wanted to find a long-term partner capable of injecting new life into their campaigns while aligning the brand’s rich history with modern marketing strategies.

Difficulty Creating Consistent Campaigns

The challenge deepened with difficulties in creating effective campaigns. 

Before coming to Groove, Thrifty White Health Essentials relied on a basic, once-a-month newsletter strategy that offered small promotions on specific products. This approach, often known as "batch and blast," lacked any form of segmentation or personalization, treating the diverse customer base as a single audience. Their call-to-actions (CTAs) were unclear, their timings were inconsistent, and the recipient experience lacked personalization.

The inability to diversify their email strategy with segmentation and personalization meant missed engagement and sales opportunities.

Ineffective Automated Flows

The Welcome Series Flow

Thrifty White Health Essentials’ existing Welcome Series Flow, which nurtures newly acquired customers and introduces them to the brand, was underperforming. Rather than a series of engaging emails designed to guide customers through the brand's value proposition naturally, customers received a solitary email filled with current coupons every 18 days. 

This approach lacked the necessary engagement and nurturing, extending the completion of this flow over several months, and complicating reporting and iterative testing processes.

Cart & Browse Abandonment Flows

Similarly, their Abandoned Cart Flow, a key component in recapturing potential lost sales, was not optimized for success. The strategy involved a delayed response, with the first email being sent out after four hours and a follow-up two days later. This timing could potentially miss the critical window to re-engage customers when their purchase intent is at its highest.

Moreover, the Browse Abandonment Flow remained unused, despite being a lucrative tool for converting interested browsers into buyers. This missing component led to significant opportunity losses for additional revenue. Engaging with users who showed interest but did not add items to their cart could have led to more purchases.

Thrifty White Health Essentials' automated email flows were outdated, lacking strategic depth, and failed to leverage Klaviyo to its full potential. There was a clear need for a comprehensive overhaul of their automation strategies to enhance engagement, improve conversion rates, and ultimately, drive email-attributed revenue.

Lack of Expertise

Thrifty White Health Essentials’ email marketing efforts were solely managed by a single marketing associate — a jack-of-all-trades figure who simultaneously juggled responsibilities in distribution. 

The absence of dedicated expertise hampered the sophistication of their campaigns and prevented the adoption of new practices that could drive engagement and sales. Without a dedicated Klaviyo expert to guide, craft, and optimize their email strategies, they needed Groove's expertise and ultimate collaboration.

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The Solution: Evolve Thrifty White Health Essentials' Klaviyo Marketing

Increasing Customer Engagement and Email-Attributed Revenue

To breathe new life into Thrifty White Health Essentials' customer engagement and email-attributed revenue, we began by benchmarking their Core Metrics (KPIs) to identify improvement areas. 

Our strategy involved deploying targeted email campaigns, specifically designed to engage their audience and enhance customer experience. Our efforts were grounded in a cycle of continuous improvement: analyzing campaign results monthly allowed us to refine our tactics, ensuring our marketing efforts were not just proactive but also responsive.

Crafting Captivating Campaigns

To elevate Thrifty White Health Essentials' scheduled campaign game, we streamlined the entire marketing process for regular and engaging outreach. Our method involves setting up a campaign calendar, drafting copy briefs, designing visuals, conducting tests, scheduling, and monthly performance analyses. 

Now dispatching four campaigns and up to four resends monthly to target engaged users who haven't purchased, we've fostered familiarity in our audience's inboxes with a consistent weekly cadence.

Segmenting and focusing on active users within the last 90 days rather than the entire subscriber list has greatly improved relevance and engagement. While further personalization based on interests or shopping habits is on the horizon, we spotlight specific high-margin products or collections in each campaign. This balanced approach has sharpened Thrifty White Health Essentials' email marketing edge.

Fine Tuning Automated Klaviyo Flows

To enhance Thrifty White Health Essentials'
 automation efficiency, we utilized Klaviyo’s features by focusing on segmentation, personalization, and integration triggers. By segmenting contacts based on purchase behavior and demographics, we tailored content and offers to increase engagement and extend our reach.

Welcome Series Flow:

We refined the welcome series to educate new customers about the brand, fostering loyalty and therefore increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

The updated series consists of four emails, differentiating between previous purchasers and new customers, with the latter receiving a 10% discount. Emails are sent within a day's interval, the first dispatched immediately upon sign-up, all maintaining the scheduled campaign email’s visual style for a consistent brand experience.

Browse & Cart Abandonment Flows:

We activated the browse abandonment flow, triggered for users consenting to emails who have viewed products, enhancing engagement by showcasing items they showed interest in. Consent is captured via sign-up forms or during a previous checkout, with those opting in at checkout also entering the welcome flow. 

Our approach includes sending the first email within an hour, followed by a second email after one day, and expanding to a series of five emails using dynamic fields in Klaviyo to personalize content based on the last viewed or carted items. This strategy ensures timely and relevant engagement to recover potential lost sales and nurture customer relationships.

Filling The Experience Gap

To address the challenge of expertise within the Thrifty White Health Essentials team, we brought our seasoned team of Klaviyo email marketers to the forefront. 

Our status as an Elite Partner of Klaviyo grants us direct lines to Klaviyo's product teams. This privileged access allows us to swiftly escalate any platform issues or queries. With this partnership in place, Thrifty White Health Essentials' marketing strategies now leverage the latest insights and solutions directly from the source. 

This integration of deep platform knowledge and direct support channels has positioned Thrifty White Health Essentials to excel in its email marketing endeavors with the resources it needs at its disposal.

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The Results

After six months of optimizing Thrifty White Health Essentials' email marketing strategies using Klaviyo, our team recorded a 190% increase in revenue attributed to Klaviyo, showcasing the impact of our updated campaign strategy. Additionally, the effort led to a 57% increase in new subscriber submissions, reflecting successful audience growth strategies.

Engagement was additionally improved, shown by a 164% increase in flow click rates. Moreover, there was a notable 29% reduction in the spam rate, indicating healthier email deliverability.


Klaviyo-Attributed Revenue


New Subscribers


Flow Click Rate


Spam Rate

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