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Email Marketing Services: How Groove Can Help

June 02, 2021
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Email Marketing Services: How Groove Can Help

Did you know that email marketing remains one of the most successful and cost-effective ways to reach customers? Though formulating an email strategy can be tough at first, it’ll be worth it when you see a return on investment.

Groove Commerce is a Diamond HubSpot Partner Agency and a Klaviyo Partner Agency committed to delivering a white-glove level of service to all of our customers. As a full-service eCommerce agency, we work with you to create email campaigns that convert. Continue reading to learn more about the email marketing services we offer.

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Final Draft's Email Success

Whether you're new to email marketing or are implementing email for the first time into your strategy, it's important to remember that reaching your target audience at the right time in the customer journey is key to success. Let’s take a look at how Groove’s email marketing services benefited Final Draft, the world’s #1 screenwriting software company.

Here’s what Final Draft experienced after working with our team:

  • 108% increase in revenue
  • 69% increase in eCommerce conversion rate
  • 151% increase in transactions
  • 30% average email open rate
  • 3% average email click-through rate 

So, how did we generate these results? The answer is simple, we combined our creative and strategic teams to create effective email marketing strategies that engaged Final Draft’s prospects, leads and customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Our Email Marketing Services

Audience Segmentation and Smart Lists

Manage your contact list and track email campaign performance using audience segmentation. We work with you to create smart lists based on demographics, shopping behaviors, interests and more. Smart lists are great for identifying those who are interested in a particular product or service and make it easy to send personalized content. No more overloading inboxes with general content!

Send emails to the right people in your database, so all recipients receive content relevant to their needs. This increases engagement and conversions because people are receiving content they’re interested in - get ready to see improved metrics in your reports!

Let’s take a look back at the Final Draft example. In addition to cleansing, analyzing, and organizing the company’s existing contact database, we evaluated their buyer personas to create smart lists and organize contacts based on their next potential purchase. Then, we used these lists as enrollment triggers for workflows.

Email Marketing Automation & Workflows

Increase productivity and save time with automation. Our team partners with you to build customized workflows that accelerate shoppers through the customer journey. The smart lists we create are based on your company’s buyer personas because understanding your customers’ purchasing decisions will help better tailor future messages to them. Get your message in front of your audience at the right time, and automate enrollment triggers and distribution schedules ahead of time with workflows and automation tools.

Custom Templates & A/B Testing

Drive engagement, click-through rates and revenue with the help of our designers and developers. We build custom email templates to aid in your email design and use A/B testing so that you’re sending the highest-performing emails to your contact lists.

Simple testing, such as evaluating different email subject lines, help marketers determine what version of an email generates a higher open rate. Evaluating email designs and copy is crucial because these two things can drastically impact engagement. Making data-informed decisions when it comes to distributing emails will help you increase both engagement and sales.

During the Final Draft 12 campaign, our team tested email subject lines until each segment received at least a 30% open rate. We also A/B tested the design of the emails, specifically the placement of the call-to-action button. Each segmented list had different message and formats, which enables us to customize future marketing outreach and align with their audience's preferences.


We've helped numerous clients generate revenue with customized email campaigns using either HubSpot or Klaviyo. Our team trusts both platforms as they align with our email marketing services and have shown proven results for multiple clients.We encourage you to evaluate both platforms to learn more about which platform is right for your brand's unique needs.

We're here to help you create beautiful emails that drive serious results − from HubSpot email development, design and automation to a Klaviyo jumpstart, health check, email marketing coaching and email marketing end-to-end management.

Reach out to us through the form below to connect with our team!

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Listrak vs Klaviyo:
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