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5 Mobile eCommerce Design Tips To Improve UX

Jul 30, 2020   •   3 Min Read

According to BigCommerce, mobile sales are expected to account for 54% of total eCommerce sales by next year. That being said, websites designed for mobile devices are bound to engage more customers and drive more revenue than those designed only for desktop.

Ensure your mobile eCommerce design evolves as consumers' shopping preferences change by staying up to date with the latest mobile eCommerce trends and strategies.

5 Mobile eCommerce Design Tips To Implement ASAP

Cater to the consumers who regularly shop on mobile devices by optimizing your online store for mobile. Follow these 5 mobile eCommerce design tips to enhance your site's layout, improve the user experience and increase conversion rate:

  • Use smart search
  • Limit text on product pages
  • Consider the thumb zone
  • Use Sticky CTAs
  • Provide a one-page checkout

Use Smart Search

We encourage any website with on-site search to leverage smart search to improve the mobile eCommerce user experience. With smart search, the design of the box enlarges to fit the size of the mobile screen. Also, be sure your site search box is at least 43 pixels high for an optimal usability.

Additionally, predict users' searches with auto-fill options to make the search experience quicker and make finding what they're looking for easier. Then, track your customers' search terms within your site to further target them with related products or services.

Limit Text on Product Pages

When optimizing a mobile eCommerce design, remember that there's much less screen real estate to promote your offer than there is on a desktop. For brands, this means including only the absolute essentials on all web pages, especially product pages.

Limit text on product pages to include only the most necessary information to the shoppers, like product name, price, variant options and a call-to-action button. This helps to avoid a cluttered mobile web page and ensures the user isn't overwhelmed with information.

We recommend hiding additional detailed product information in a collapsible view so that users can choose whether they want to click to learn more about the product. Plus, it helps accelerate them on the path to purchase because there's nothing distracting them from your CTA button.

Consider The Thumb Zone

Since mobile devices vary from small smartphones to large tablets, the thumb zone − or the area in which it is easiest for users to click with their thumbs − remains the same. Consider the way you hold your phone; it's easier to click buttons when they're in certain spots rather than others because it's comfortable for your thumb. 

Alleviate shopper discomfort by adapting your user interface to how people naturally hold their devices. We recommend putting your CTA button on the bottom portion of the screen so that it's easily accessible.

Use Sticky CTAs

On areas like a product detail page, it's important to make sure your content doesn't interfere with your CTAs. We recommend using sticky CTAs to ensure a seamless user experience and an enhanced mobile eCommerce design. For example, include a sticky CTA, like an "add to cart" button, on your mobile product pages to easily guide users through the purchasing path and increase conversion rate.

Provide a One-Page Checkout

Decrease shopping cart abandonment and increase conversion rate with a one-page checkout. Create a unique strategy to improve site speed, increase consumer trust and promote value.

As one of the most immediate, high-impact strategies for increasing online sales, we encourage following these checkout best practices to reduce checkout friction. Focus on improving your site's speed, page load times and the speed in which a customer can successfully complete a checkout.

Also, make sure your customers understand that your website's mobile checkout is secure. Show off your trust seals and badges to verify that your online store is a secure place for consumers to enter their credit card information.

Last, demonstrate your brand's value to your customers by including any promotional offers or product deals within the one-page checkout. By increasing this perceived value, customers are more likely to convert.


We hope these 5 mobile eCommerce design tips help you optimize your online store and increase conversions! For more tips to help you modify your mobile strategy, check out these mobile eCommerce best practices to capture more online sales.

Interested in learning about how Groove can help build, design and grow your website and enhance the overall eCommerce user experience? Just contact us through the form below with any questions or concerns, and a member of our team will be in touch soon!

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