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Barron Designs

Primary Service: Design & Development
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The Background

Achieving +25% Revenue By Migrating Barron Designs To BigCommerce

Barron Designs is a home and building material design company that sells innovative faux and real wall panels, beams and columns. With the largest selection of styles and textures in the industry, Barron Designs sells both directly to consumer and business-to-business.

When it came to their website design, Barron Designs struggled with the user experience. To solve this problem, we migrated their multiple eCommerce stores onto BigCommerce and enabled users to custom configure products from their catalog.

The Challenge

Multiple Websites

Before working with our team, the company did not have a centralized brand website. Rather, they had four websites dedicated to each product category. These consisted of websites for faux columns, faux beams, faux panels and rustic accents.

UX & Back-End Functionality

Prior to working with Groove Commerce, Barron Designs’ websites were created using a custom platform. As a result, a simple change to the site required a developer with a strong understanding of website development and design.

As a part of this new website initiative, the company aimed to upgrade their design to provide a better user experience. The custom platform that the sites were previously built on made the back-end difficult to manage and update, which presented them with challenges when it came to integrations.

Additionally, they wanted the ability to cross-sell related products. To help, our team stepped in to consolidate the four websites into one - leveraging BigCommerce as the platform of choice.

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The Solution

Combining Four Websites into One

We migrated the stores to BigCommerce, using only product exports from the previous stores. The easy-to-use and organized back-end experience allows Barron Designs to create a BigCommerce custom product when customers place their orders.

Now, they sell all of the inventory from their previous four websites within one BigCommerce website. This aids in the company's cross-selling strategy, because customers can now see all product options in one place.

UX/UI Design

We leveraged our signature intake and Discovery process, which utilized click and scroll heat maps, to understand current customer behavior. Once the required datasets were collected, we put our eCommerce designers and developers on the job. Enabling our team to create a smooth & frictionless user experience.

Page Builder Widgets

Our team built the entire Barron Designs website for BigCommerce’s using custom design and developed page builder widgets. This approach enabled the client to easily update content without developer assistance. With both reduced operating and updating costs, this easy-to-use solution will save an invaluable amount of time and resources.

Creating Custom BigCommerce Products

When it comes to ordering products, customers have a multitude of sizes to choose from. The width and height can be customized by half inches and the length can be customized by inches. Additionally, the products are offered in a variety of colors.

Rather than displaying the 1 million+ products in the back-end, we leveraged the BigCommerce product management functionality to create a custom item when someone orders a given configuration.

In other words, the system generates a brand new product in the back end of the BigCommerce website when a person adds a custom product to their shopping cart. That product does not exist in BigCommerce until a customer creates it.

If someone ordered the same custom product that a previous customer ordered, the product would pull from the back-end in BigCommerce because it was created before.

This functionality allows Barron Designs to create products on the fly, which is a significant upgrade from their previous platform.

The Results

In the first month since the new site went live, Barron Designs saw a huge jump in new users. Additionally, visitors now view more pages per session on average. With its optimized design, their BigCommerce website now provides a seamless customer experience. If you’re looking to achieve similar BigCommerce results, schedule time with a consultant below.






Conversion Rate

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