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Bonnie Jean

Primary Service: Shopify
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The Background

Increasing Bonnie Jean's Shopify Revenue by +25%

Bonnie Jean, a direct-to-consumer brand under Gerson and Gerson, was founded in 1935 and is based in New York City. The brand specializes in quality dresses for girls aged from infants to teens and has reached across the United States. Due to these product and demographic facts, this brand’s major sales revolve around Easter, New Year's, and Christmas. Since January 2024, Groove Commerce has provided Managed Services to enhance Bonnie Jean's Shopify eCommerce operations.

The Challenge: Finding A Long-Term eCommerce Partner

A Lack of Consistent Communication

Frustrated by lack of partnership from their previous agency, Bonnie Jean sought out Groove Commerce after experiencing long delays in response times as well as a lack of clear communication. Their previous agency often took weeks to reply to simple queries, failing to treat Bonnie Jean as a valued client. This eroded trust between the parties and made it difficult, if not impossible, to foster a productive partnership focused on growing Bonnie Jean’s online presence.

Bonnie Jean’s Missing Proactive Strategy

Bonnie Jean desired proactive recommendations and strategies to enhance their website. Due to their former agency’s unresponsiveness, they rarely (if ever) pointed out areas that needed improvement. This lack of strategic foresight left the site stagnate without any innovation or enhancements planned. 

The absence of ongoing performance reviews and site recommendations meant that Bonnie Jean was unaware of areas where the brand needed improvement, missing valuable opportunities for growth.

The Struggle To Improve Customer Experience

Bonnie Jean was struggling with poor Core Web Vitals, Google’s measure of how quickly a site and its elements are loaded for desktop and mobile users. In combination with lower than average conversion rates, the site desperately needed a facelift.

This lack of attention by Bonnie Jean’s previous agency impacted the brand's ability to offer customers a smooth experience, crucial for their older demographic. The outdated website design made navigation challenging, and the site's sluggish performance negatively impacted conversion rates.

Striving For Full ADA Compliance

Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was critical for Bonnie Jean, but their previous agency offered no support in this regard. The website lacked an accessibility statement and proper accommodations for users with disabilities. As a result, ability impaired customers were not able to properly access the site in addition to the brand being held legally liable for being out of compliance.

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The Solution: Working With A Trusted Shopify Partner

Establishing Clear and Effective Communication

Our team has established strong lines of communication with the Bonnie Jean team, ensuring timely responses and data-driven advice. Bi-weekly meetings and consistent feedback help to align both teams on strategic goals that foster a collaborative relationship focused on elevating Bonnie Jean's online presence.

Implementing Proactive Strategic Improvements

Understanding Bonnie Jean’s budget limitations, our team has devised a strategy that maximizes Bonnie Jean's investment by providing clear, targeted suggestions for their Shopify site to ensure action with the high level of impact are handled first. 

Our team regularly offers design ideas aligned with the brand's needs for future enhancements. Additionally, we continuously monitor the store’s KPIs for further proactive enhancements. 

Refining Site Content, Visuals, and Performance

The Groove Commerce team has diligently worked to improve Bonnie Jean's Core Web Vitals. Our team analyzed scripts and removed broken links to optimize website performance. 

Additionally, the team identified and removed disruptive messaging across the site that was hampering the user experience. A design overhaul has been proposed to update the site's visual appeal while reducing excessive use of Bonnie Jean’s branded pink to improve readability and navigation.

Ensuring Full ADA Compliance

The team conducted a comprehensive accessibility review near the beginning of Bonnie Jean’s engagement. We identified areas where the website fell short of ADA standards and suggested practical solutions. Our team implemented color contrast changes to get Bonnie Jean back in compliance, ensuring the platform is more inclusive for customers with disabilities. In addition, we now have a lengthy list of additional tasks we are working through to keep them in compliance moving forward. Lastly, Bonnie Jean's website now includes an updated accessibility statement to inform all visitors of their commitment to accessibility for all people.

The Results

The impact of our team’s efforts became evident after just 4 months of working with Bonnie Jean. Comparing year-over-year data from January 1 to April 30, 2023 versus 2024, Bonnie Jean experienced a significant boost across many Core Metrics, otherwise known as KPIs.

Sessions on the site increased by 43%, driven largely by improved page speed performance. Orders grew by 30%, showcasing the success of conversion rate and content optimizations. As a result, overall revenue soared by 25%. 

Our team's efforts in refining Bonnie Jean’s Shopify website's performance, design, and accessibility while fostering a productive Managed Services partnership continues to elevate the brand's online presence.







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