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Check out how our aggressive approach to increasing eCommerce sales delivered exemplary results for our client, ModelTrainStuff. We're excited to drive more results in 2020 with this continued partnership!

Case Study: Increasing A Client's Revenue By 45.5%

ModelTrainStuff, formerly known as M.B. Klein, is an established company that sells train models and complementary accessories for hobbyists to build. In the 90s, they created a website to sell their products worldwide.

They used Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Bing Ads to spread the word, but it wasn't going as well as they had hoped. When we spoke with them in July 2019, we agreed to help them with development support to better manage their website. While building this relationship, we realized we could help them in more ways than just support.

After partnering with ModelTrainStuff in October 2019, we were challenged to reach a goal of $16M annual revenue by generating new customers and increasing the average order value. We would do this by enhancing ModelTrainStuff's eCommerce website through site rebuilding, special content, paid social and more.

All Aboard! The eCommerce Train

First Stop: Strategies & Implementation

Our team conducted an audit for ModelTrainStuff and found that their account was only being edited every 4 months. Once we took over, and our budget was approved, we began monitoring their Google, Bing and Facebook Ads.

We monitored these ads on a weekly basis to deliver the most optimal performance. We had aggressive goals to increase their Google Ads conversion value by 3%, Bing conversion rate by 25% and Facebook website traffic by 25%.

In order to reach those lofty goals, our team created strategies anchored in themes such as brand, scale and accessories. We then mapped out ad group targeting techniques relative to the overall campaign structure. For instance, we created buyer personas of who ModelTrainStuff's potential customers are and catered our campaign ads to those with similar demographic and interests.

Once targeted parameters were established, we conducted keyword research and implemented 8-12 of their best keywords to each ad group. Finally, we completed extensive ad writing and designing to match each campaign and ad group.

Once this was implemented we continued to optimize and grow our new ad campaigns. It was important to maintain the integrity of the ads currently running, while slowly making the transition to our 2020 campaigns.

The Results

On Track To Success

Our aggressive approach delivered exemplary results for our client. From October 2019 to December 2019, we increased paid search and paid social by a total of 22%. As a result, this increased ModelTrainStuff's revenue by 45.5%.

Between October through December, we increased their Google Ads conversion value by 4.9% — 1.9% higher than planned. We increased their Bing Ads conversion rate by 40.5%, surpassing our goal by 15.5%. Lastly, we increased their Facebook website traffic by 62% — again exceeding our goal by 37%.

Incorporating top products and audience behavior in paid advertising strategies increased the revenue from Google and Facebook combined, making the YTD over $4.6M — a 10.15% increase.

To continue this uphill trend in 2020, we want to optimize how we drive brand awareness and impact their customers' buying decisions.

2020 Strategy

Last Stop: The Next Steps

Our 2019 learnings helped shape our 2020 strategy by attracting more customers in innovative ways, growing market share and, ultimately, increasing revenue. 

We will continue to use paid search and paid social to drive sizable growth in tandem with our organic search and other mediums. We want to expand the reach of Facebook ads through enhanced audience targeting at every stage of the buyer's journey. This will continue to boost awareness and conversions and create content that makes buyers want to stay on the site longer.

In addition to amplifying our 2019 tactics, YouTube and video ads are a new focal point for 2020. We want to drive awareness by reaching new potential customers in earlier phases of the buying cycle with more emotional and engaging content.

HubSpot reported that more than 50% of consumers prefer video content over other forms of content such as emails, social and blogs. This is why implementing branded video content is a great way to drive new customers and increase brand awareness.


Our inbound methodology and impact-driven focus continues to prove successful for our clients. ModelTrainStuff has expressed immense satisfaction with our progress and stated that they are excited for what our continued partnership will bring. We look forward to continue driving results with ModelTrainStuff in the future.

If you'd like to know how Groove can help set your eCommerce business up for success, contact us through the form below. Our team will be in touch!

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